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What is Forward?

Forward is a gifting website. You get to send friends vouchers for free items at local businesses. It's just like sending an e-card, and then attaching a little something extra.

Wait, and it's free for me? How?!

We thought you'd ask us that! Every time you give a gift, a local business is getting great word of mouth. And when you and your friends go visit, they'll get a potential new customer.

Thousands of people are sending gifts

There are lots of ways to use Forward. No matter why you send a gift, it's a perfect excuse to write something nice to your friend. Here are some thought starters!
drop some love
Bill, you're the man. I probably don't say it enough but you are.
Welcome back! Hope your trip was full of wonderful people.
get together
Let's go check this place out together sometime soon!
just to say hi
Hey boo - here's a little coffee to brighten your day :)

How to use Forward

Sending a gift
Pick any item from one of our local businesses, enter your friend's name and email, and write them a note.
Receiving a gift
We'll email the gift to your friend, including your note and instructions for how to pick up the free item.
Redeeming a gift
Your friend visits the local business, orders the gift item, and shows the confirmation page to the cashier.

Let's make


an everyday thing

It turns out that expressing gratitude is one of the best things we can do to be happy, and we need more of it in our world. We created Forward to encourage and inspire people to tell their friends they care about them, without having to wait for an occasion.

Sure, it might seem a little weird to say "you're awesome" completely out of the blue, which is why we're giving you a good excuse (that's where the free stuff comes in). Checking out cool local businesses is fun. Connecting thoughtfully with friends is even better. Let's get a ton of people to start doing this more often!

You're awesome.

Signed, Grant

So, do you have a friend in mind yet?