Frequently Answered Questions

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What is Forward?

Forward is a gifting website. You get to send friends vouchers for free items at local businesses. It's just like sending an e-card, and then attaching a little something extra. It's a small gesture to show the people you care about, whether it's friends, family, or coworkers, that you're thinking about them.

What kind of gifts can I send?

Most of the gifts are food and drink related: cups of coffee & tea, sandwiches, smoothies, etc. We're starting in Boston, and have lots of great places in different neighborhoods participating already. There's lots of new cities and types of gifts we'd love to try, so stay tuned as we grow!

How the heck can this be free?!

Every time you give a gift, a local business is getting great word of mouth. And when you and your friends go visit, they'll get a potential new customer. In other words, you are actually helping these places by sending gifts on Forward. Each participating business chooses a monthly limit of items to give away each month, and now you and your friends just need to go enjoy them.

Wait. This is so awesome. Right?


How do I send a gift?

Just go to our send a gift page! Simply enter your email address, choose a gift, and pick a friend to receive the gift. We'll send a message to your friend about the gift and how to redeem it.

What do you do with my (and my friend's) email address?

Don't worry! No one is being signed up for any mailing lists, either from us or our participating local businesses. The only thing we'll contact you and your friend about is the gift you send. You'll have the option to subscribe to send more gifts (see below).

How many gifts do I get to send?

Anyone can send a gift right from our website, no app to download or account to create. If you want to send more gifts, you can subscribe to Forward, and you'll get a new batch of 5 gifts every month to send to friends. Yes, this is still free (!).

What does subscribing mean?

Subscribing means you are an awesome, nice, and generous person! It also means you'll get 5 gifts to send every month. You can even request more gifts if you run out, and we'll probably (definitely) let you do that, too. We also have a weekly mailing list that gives you thought-starters for reasons to send gifts, but you can opt out of these if you're already a gifting pro.

How do I redeem a gift?

Easy! You will receive an email from Forward about your gift and how to redeem it. Just visit the local business, order your free gift item, and click the redeem button in the email when you're checking out (you'll show your phone to the cashier).

How long do I have to redeem my gift?

Each gift is available for 3 weeks before it expires. This helps local businesses keep track of how many free items are outstanding. We'll send you a reminder email 1 week before your gift expires. If you still can't make it, just reach out and we'll do our best to hook you up!