Meet the team

Grant Burgess
Grant used to work at Google Boston, which was cool because they gave him free lunches, but after four years he decided to do some adventuring. He backpacked all over New Zealand, discovered the meaning of life, and stumbled into the startup world (it was a pretty full trip). He came back to Boston to launch Forward, an idea that grew out of all these experiences.

Here's why Grant is awesome
"you're the man. love the positive attitude and enthusiasm."
- Adam
Adam Newman
Adam is an experienced product manager with a passion for interacting with customers, and people in general. He's worked at startups in Boston and Israel, where he was also a Paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces (in other words, it's good to have him on your team). Adam is deeply driven to create a product and a company that has a lasting and positive impact on the world.

Here's why Adam is awesome
"thanks for being so thoughtful! also, thanks for always bringing in snacks for our morning meetings :)"
- Niki
Adam Newman
Niki Choo
Niki lives in San Francisco, and is keen on business and helping people. She's worked in finance and biotech, but enjoys starting and helping businesses grow the most. She has a passion for the outdoors (as evidenced by former jobs as raft guide and ski instrutor), which is cool because it means she's often outside adventuring somewhere.

Here's why Niki is awesome
"you make everyone feel warm and fuzzy, plus your fleece looks pretty warm and fuzzy too. wait, is that your secret?"
- Grant